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Yonka 11

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Yon-Ka Creme 11 / Soothing, Calming - 1.39 oz
Yon-Ka Creme 11 / Soothing, Calming is a two-in-one calming creme that instantly counteracts signs of irritation and redness. Upon application, skin is calmed and soothed; irritation is sedated. This gentle creme nourishes the skin, revitalizing the look and feel for a soft, hydrated, even tone. The…
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Yon-Ka Guarana Scrub - 1.87 oz
Description: Yon-Ka Guarana Scrub combines two sizes of exfoliating seeds with eleven plant-based extracts to thoroughly clear, buff, and enliven dull, rough skin. This exfoliating scrub's soothing formula rehydrates while sloughing away dead cells to uncover radiant, smooth skin. Yon-Ka Guarana Scrub is a…
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