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Thalgo Organic Draining Infusion - 20 Sachets
…excess water. Infused with organic meadowsweet it will help reduce any swelling in the body. Thalgo Organic Draining Infusion should be used twice a day. Infusing boiling water for 4 to 5 minutes is all that's needed to get the detox going. Features / Benefits: Detoxing. Drains body of excess water. Reduces …
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Elemis Sp@Home Instant Refreshing Gel - 5.1 oz
…women with mild to severe swelling in lower back and ankles. Features / Benefits: Instantly soothes. Neutralizes swollen, tense, stressed muscles. Helps with swelling in lower back and ankles. Refreshing gel texture. Works deep below the skin's surface. How To Use: Use daily as needed on affected areas…
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SkinMedica TNS LipPlump System
…(Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate, Atelocollagen, Pentaerythrityl Tetraisostearate, Silica Dimethyl Silylate) - Dehydrated for greater cutaneous penetration, these spheres swell with water and rehydrate the tissues. When the spheres swell, they immediately smooth out the cutaneous surface and provide…
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Schrammek Hydra Maximum Eye Fluid - 0.50 oz
…is great for any eye. It's ideal to use before makeup to give the eye area a perfect canvas free from swelling, puffiness and redness. With its gel like formula it is great to use in the summer after placing in the refrigerator for a cooling, soothing effect. Features / Benefits: Reduces swelling and…
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Alchimie Forever Dry Skin Balm
…The skin is nourished and calmed while any swelling of the skin is reduced, stopping discomfort. Anti-aging effects are offered by the balm as well, when used consistently, it minimizes brown spots. Alchimie Forever Dry Skin Balm is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive or sensitized skin. This…
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glotherapeutics Eye Treatment - 0.57 oz
Description: glotherapeutics Eye Treatment will help in the stimulation and increasing of collagen and circulation. This helps in the reduction of puffiness and swelling around the eyes. With its mixture of ingredients, it will help restore the damage caused from aging and the environment. glotherapeutics Eye…
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Eminence Herbal Spot Serum - 1 oz
Description: Eminence Herbal Spot Serum helps to sooth and calm acne while helping to heal and repair damaged skin. This serum reduces redness and swelling and evens out the skin tone. Regain a healthy appearance and vital moisture and nutrients. The serum helps to desensitize irritated or sensitive areas. Eminence…
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Dr. Hauschka Eye Balm - 0.34 oz
…maintaining even skin tones. Dr. Hauschka Eye Balm also reduces signs of redness, swelling and irritation as the delicate eye area is nurtured and protected. Features / Benefits: Visibly refines and strengthens elasticity. Smoothes wrinkles. Maintains even skin tones. Reduces signs of redness. Alleviates
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ilike Organic Sulphuric Balancing Serum - 1.2 oz
…There are many factors that cause your skin to breakout, this serum helps to clear pores, reducing blackheads from forming. It also benefits the skin by stimulating blood flow and bringing down swelling and inflammation caused by acne. ilike Organic Sulphuric Balancing Serum is ideal for all skin types,…
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Guinot Gel Jambes Legeres / Soothing Gel For Legs
…massaging action. Guinot Gel Jambes Legeres / Soothing Gel For Legs is suitable for all skin types. This cooling gel relieves fatigue caused by long periods of standing. It reduces puffiness, swelling and discomfort. Features / Benefits: Reduces feeling of "heavy" legs. Anti-inflammatory. Soothes and…
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Phyto Phytovolume Volumizing Shampoo - 6.7 oz
…Lightens hair shaft. How To Use: Gently massage into wet hair. Rinse thoroughly. Key Ingredients: Chitin Extract - Coats and protects hair shaft. Red Algae Extract - Restores volume by encouraging swelling of the hair shaft. Guarna Extract - Revitalizes hair shaft, restoring energy to tired, limp hair. Yarrow…
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Elemis Sp@Home Musclease Herbal Bath Synergy - 10 Applications
…or breast feeding should not use this product. Key Ingredients: Maritime Pine - Soothes and protects stressed skin from harmful toxins. Rosemary - Improves the skin's elasticity, and reduces swelling and puffiness associated with muscle spasms or mild injuries. Sea Salt - Exfoliant that rids the skin of dead…
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Elemis Sp@Home Aching Muscle Super Soak - 14 oz
…and juniper stimulate circulation for relief from common joint pains such as arthritis and muscle spasms. Features / Benefits: Deep heat treatment that relieves sore joints and muscles. Eases swelling and stiffness. Stimulates circulation to increase blood flow. Helps with arthritis and spasms. Relieves…
Please note that this item is not licensed for sale within the state of California.
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Phyto Phytobaume Volume Express Conditioner - 5 oz
…through clean, towel-dried hair. Rinse off immediately. Key Ingredients: Gleditschia Extract - Thickens and tones; adds radiance to hair. Red Algae Extract - Restores volume by encouraging swelling of the hair shaft. Elderberry Extract - Hydrates; restores softness and suppleness. Ingredients: Sambucus Nigra…
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Erno Laszlo Antioxidant Complex For Eyes - 0.5 oz
Description: Erno Laszlo Antioxidant Complex For Eyes illuminates, purifies, and restores the fragile skin surrounding the eye. This unique formula strengthens skin as it reduces swelling and lightens dark circles for an instant improvement. Erno Laszlo Antioxidant Complex For Eyes alleviates eye exhaustion for a…
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G.M. Collin Lip "Plumping" Complex - 0.26 oz
…are instantly absorbed by the lips and seek out the body's natural moisture. As soon as the spheres become re-hydrated, they plump up and hold onto the moisture they've collected, creating a mild swelling of the lip tissue. Palmitoyl Oligo Peptide - A patented bio-active peptide (GHK-peptide), clinically…
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Avene Antirougeurs FORT Relief Concentrate - 1.01 oz
…irritated skin with soothing and strengthening ingredients. Avene Antirougeurs FORT Relief Concentrate reduces sensitivity and swelling, and boosts microcirculation for long-term improvement. Features / Benefits: Calms and comforts skin. Reduces redness and swelling. Prevents reactivity. Features a…
Voted Allure Best of Beauty: Best Sensitive Skin
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Phytomer Cryotonic Soothing Leg Gel
…goes to work to promote proper drainage and microcirculation, shrink swelling, and relieve leg exhaustion to give an immediate overall feeling of wellness and comfort. Features / Benefits: Revives while it energizes. Cooling and toning effect to the legs. Increases comfortable mobility. Reduces unsightly
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