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Sothys Acne

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Sothys Clarifying Correcting Serum - 1 oz
Description: Sothys Clarifying Correcting Serum is a light yet intensive treatment formulated salicylic acid and tea tree oil to treat dark spots and acne blemishes. Allantoin supports rapid healing and reinforces skin's natural defense against irritants. Sothys Clarifying Correcting Serum contains…
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Sothys Glysalac Dermobooster - 1 oz
Description: Sothys Glysalac Dermobooster combines Glycolic Acid 10% and Salicylic Acid 1% to promote cell renewal, which tames acne-prone skin and gives skin a clean, healthy glow. The dermabooster polishes and refines dull, dreary complexions, unclogs deep into pores to eliminate and prevent breakouts, and…
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Sothys Orange-Quince Oxy-Mineral Treatment - 0.54 oz
Description: Sothys Orange-Quince Oxy-Mineral Treatment helps keeps the skin healthy and fresh. With the orange extracts in Sothys Orange-Quince Oxy-Mineral Treatment it will help keep wrinkles for forming as well as clear up acne trouble. It can be used in an intense treatment form for 21-days that…
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Sothys Active Cream - 1.7 oz
Sothys Active Cream helps to balance the skin, to refine the pores, and to clear up problem areas. This cream prevents future blemishes and rids the skin of other types of impurities. Sothys Active Cream contains liquorice extract, tannins, and enzymes that work to soften and heal while acting as anti…
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Sothys Glysalac Skin Preparer - 6.7 oz
…works to even skin tone, shrink pores, eliminate shine or dull, dry skin, correct hyperpigmentation and reverse the effects of aging skin and sun damage. Sothys Glysalac Skin Preparer is a smooth fluid gel that won't irritate or aggravate acne prone skin. Features / Benefits: Clears and prevents…
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Sothys Purity Lotion - 6.7 oz
…oil-controlling and astringent actives to purge the pores and to prevent blemishes. Sothys Purity Lotion effectively controls shine and tightens the pores for a smooth, matte finish. Features / Benefits: Removes any residues left over and balances the pH of the skin. Suitable for oily skins with problems …
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